April 20-22, 2013 - Earth Day



On April 20-22, CENN, together with the Ministry of Environment Protection, organized a number of campaigns during the week of Earth Day. The members of the Rural Women Councils (RWCs) and active womenís groups from themunicipalities of Bolnisi, Tchiatura, Tkibuli, Batumi, Zestaponi, Kaspi and Rustavi, as well as various representatives of the government and the business sector participated in the events.


On April 20-21 a series of meetings was conducted at CENNís Green Center, in which representatives from the National Environmental Agency, the Department of Environment Pollution Monitoring, and independent experts participated. The problems related to the situation in terms of air pollution and health issues caused by air pollution in Georgia were presented during the meetings. The participants discussed air quality problems existing in their respective regions.


During the meetings, CENNís representative presented the project Air Quality Governance in the ENPI East Countries Ė AIR-Q-GOV, which is implemented by CENN in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment Protection. The project covers seven partner countries: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, and the Russian Federation, and is being implemented by a consortium of organizations lead by the MWH (Belgium). Financial support is provided by the European Commission.


On April 22, the participants visited an air quality monitoring station (Ministry of Environment Protection of Georgia), were introduced to regulations regarding the stationís operation and had the opportunity to discuss interesting topics with the representatives of the National Environment Agency.


Later, a large-scale discussion on air quality related issues took place at Europe House in Tbilisi. The representatives from ministries and the enterprises, such as Rustavi Steel, Ltd., Tchiatura Mining Enrichment Plant, SakNakhshiri GIG Group, Heidelberg Cement Georgia Ltd., etc. participated in the discussion. Factors which the population considered as having the most significant impact on air quality in their regions were actively discussed. The goal of the discussion was to initiate a cooperation among the representatives of the government, the business sector and society on air quality management.


The event was organized within CENN's ongoing projects Strengthening and Engagement of Rural Women in Natural Resources Management in the South Caucasus Countries and Air Quality Governance in the ENPI East Countries Ė AIR-Q-GOV.


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