World Wetlands Day


On February 5, 2013, in Kobuleti, to mark the World Wetlands Day (February 2), CENN and USAID, within the scope of the Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Mitigation (CCADM) project, conducted a regional conference and an excursion to Ispani 2 protected area. The goal of the event was to increase youth awareness of wetlands and their engagement in the management and conservation of the protected areas of Georgia. The event was attended by up to 50 students and teachers from 8 public schools in Adjara.


During the first part of the event, presentations were made on the role and unique value of wetlands for the ecosystem, their management and negative impact of some human activities. The session ended on a positive note by providing concrete examples, where the community and the youth’s engagement in wetland conservation benefited both the people and the environment’s wellbeing.


After the presentations, there award ceremony of the participating children from Khelvachauri, Keda and Kobuleti schools was held and a guided tour to Ispani 2 protected territory was conducted.


“I learned how important the wetlands are, and that some human activities can destroy wetlands, which have been forming over several million years” – says Marian Verdzadze, a student of the Khelvachauri Public School #1.


According to the director of the village Mukhaestate school, Mr. Davit Menagharishvili, the excursion and the conference triggered the students’ interest and resulted in an idea to implement a specific project on the basis of the school’s EcoClub.








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